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Website used to be a luxury in the past; but know, is it a necessity for every business that intend to compete favourably, grab a chunk of the market share and make some good profitable. This write-up will highlight why a website is very necessary for every business.

  • It takes your business from the four walls of your office to the four corners of the earth. A business without a website is operating in a constraint. This means patronage will only come from its immediate environment; its street, city, and probably its state. But with a website, you attract clients and prospects from everywhere, including other countries of the world. Take for instance a Nigerian bead selling business can attract buyers and get orders from Europe and America, if it has a website that is e-commerce enabled. A website makes your business a global brand, even if you operate in one of the rooms in your flat.
  • It allows you access to a global market: This is to buttress the globalization of a business with a website. You won’t only benefit from a local market; you stand a chance in the international market. AliExpress and Amazon are businesses located in thousands of kilometers away, but I can’t remember the number of times I have bought products from them regardless of the distance. That is what it means to access a global market using a website.
  • Corporate email is possible: Recently, a client of mine whose business is into supply of tools to big manufacturing companies and multinationals told me that they hardly get contract from these big organizations if the email with which they are corresponding with these big companies is a free email like Yahoo and Gmail. The reason behind this, I don’t really know. Could that be stopping you too from getting businesses? Don’t worry, corporate email comes free with your website. When you pay for your website hosting and domain, you also get the chance to create your customized email from your Cpanel. So you can have email like info@yourbusiness.com
  • Your website can collect money on your behalf through online payment. This is more and more important these days. Clients should be able to visit your website and make payment to your business. This payment can be one-off or recurring payment. There are some very reliable payment system here in Nigeria.
  • You can trade on your website like E-commerce: Trading is absolutely possible on your website. But this depends largely on the platforms with which your website is built on. If you intend to sell on your website, and you intend to sell well. Our recommendation is a content management system like WordPress. It is the best (my opinion) of them all. The reason behind this is that it has the biggest support online and offline. And it can accommodate whatever budget you have. In fact about 35% of all website is built on WordPress.
website design in lagos
  • A website avail you the opportunity to be available for business for 24 hours daily. 24 hours business is only possible online, and your website do just that. With a website up and running, your business can be accessed any time, day or night. The only time this might not be obtainable is when there is a downtime on your web server. But this is very rare as most hosting company have less than 1% downtime daily.
  • Your website can attend to enquiries: When you are not available, just refer people to your website. One major function of a website is to make information available to visitors and clients. This is one reason why website have FAQ, which is frequently asked questions. Even when your website does not have FAQ page, it should still be able to provide basic answers to questions visitors and clients may have in mind. 
  • Your website can display your expertise: This is a major function of websites. Clients and prospects want to know what work or projects you have been involved in the past or at the present. Your website should be able to provide such details especially if your business is a service provider. 
  • You have a chance of showing up in search results. Every time you ask Google a question, it shows hundreds of websites and blogs that provide related answers.  Your website too can be picked by Google to be displayed on search results. But this is only possible if a website is SEO (Search Engine optimization) ready and friendly. This means that the contents on your website should be in such a way that it is readable by search engines.  The images should be named and titled appropriately. Googlers anticipated keywords should be used appropriately on headings and paragraphs. This will make it possible for your business to be discovered by potential customers.
  • Your website can make you money if properly monetized: Apart from you adding payment system on your website or you making it an e-commerce websites, it can still make you money in other ways. Some of the ways to do this is through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing platforms or direct advertising of services or products. The first means Google advertise on your website. The second means you place affiliate marketing links on your website to direct visitors to the products you market. The third means you display your clients products or services on your website. Whichever you decide to use, you get paid. But you must have a good traffic on your website to achieve these.
  • Your website is an indication to your clients that you mean business. In this 21st century, you should have a business website to show that you are serious with your business. Client may ask you for your website domain name; it is a major setback to say your business doesn’t have one.

We are open to all your website related questions.

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