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Over the years, people often ask about making a choice between a website and a blog. The choice between a website and a blog can only be correctly made with a clear understanding of the purpose for which one is trying to come online. In other words, your online purpose will determine if you need a blog or a website.

Before we discuss how to choose between a website or a blog, it is important we have a good knowledge of what a blog and a website is.

A blog according to Wikipedia is a discussion or information website. It is also defined as an online journal with which one shares his or her perspective on issues with readers. Blog which is same as weblog is like an online dairy that is why posts are arranged in chronological order with newer post shown above old ones while a website is a collection of web pages that share a single domain name. A website is mostly formal and businesslike. Its purpose is neither for discussions nor sharing of perspectives.

Now that we know what a blog and a website is, let us point out what will make you choose between a blog and a website:

A blog is for regular posts, but a website is not; this means if one intends to share perspective on issues regularly on politics, sports, and entertainment etc, a blog will serve.

A blog is informal while a website is formal. This means a blog is for lifestyle and website is for business. A blog will be good for photography, fashion, writing, and tourism; while a website will be good for real estate, accounting, manufacturing, marketing and finance.

A blog should have new content every week while the content of a website might not change for months. A blog should display ideas, events and happenings while a website should display contacts, products and services.

The good thing is, we can now infuse a blog and a website together. This means, we can have a blog with a static home page. With WordPress, we can have a website and a blog at the same time under the same domain.  It is just a matter of customization.

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