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Years ago, building a website was a daunting task, but now, website design is becoming simpler by the day. This is due to online information on website design and innovations like content management system (CMS), Bootstrap, website builder applications to mention but a few. In this 21st century, any tom, dick and harry can create and manage a world class website only with a few clicks. This short article will highlight the key steps needed to have a website up and running in a very short time.

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Domain and Hosting: This is the very first step towards creating a website. Buying a domain and hosting it is so easy because there are lots of companies rendering the services. The following are some of those companies that I have worked with over the years: surfweb, Upperlink, Whogohost to mention but a few. From their websites, you can check the availability of a domain name, make payment if it is available and also choose a hosting plan.

Create your website: like the adage says; all routes leads to Rome, there are many ways to create a website. One can use a content management system, like WordPress . One can also edit a template. There are millions of ‘freemium’ and premium templates out there. My favourate template website is w3layouts. Another way to get a website design is to use website builder application like Wix an online website builder. And if you are conversant with HTML and CSS, you can as well write you own codes to design your own web pages.

Transfer your web pages online: This might apply more if you have used a template or you have written HTML and CSS codes to design web pages. Transferring files from your computer to the server can be done using FTP programs; like FileZilla. You can also transfer files using the File Manager feature of your Cpanel. Uploading a file is the final stage of website design. After it, your website is up and running. Visit simpleweb for more information.

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