website safety

There is no time in history when the internet is more vulnerable than now. Fraudsters, hacker, malicious software writer are strategizing and restrategizing. So internet users cant afford to be gullible. The following tips will do some good for internet safety.

*If you are still using Windows 7, try upgrade to Windows 10. The support and updates for Windows 7 has stopped. This makes it very vulnerable to latest malwares, spywares, ransomware and the likes.

*Don’t visit websites that tells you “click to win” or register to “turn N100 to N1,000,000” that might just be a bait to get valuable data from you. Also avoid dangerous websites. pornography, hacking websites etc.

*Only make online payment on websites that are secured. A secured website has a padlock close to its domain name on the address bar.

*Use strong password. Combine alphabets, numbers and special characters. Don’t use your special dates as password and PINs. If I want to hack your accounts, that is what I try first.

*Don’t share vatal information like passwords, PIN, BVN etc, with anyone online or offline.
With these few points and much more, I wish you safely on the internet.

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