Privacy policy is a statement that discloses how a website/blog gathers, uses and manages visitors’ data. Privacy policy is becoming very important now as it facilitates a better and ethical online environment and it ensures compliance to privacy legislature and regulations around the world.

Every website/blog needs a privacy policy especially if your website/blog has a form that collect name, email and any other data from visitors. You also need a privacy policy page if you intend to use third party services like Facebook, YouTube, Google and affiliate marketing websites on your website. The reason is that these third parties add cookies to your website/blog to track information about visitors activities on your website on your behave.

You should therefore have a privacy policy on your website/blog to tell visitors what data you are collecting, whether through a form or through the first party cookies or third party cookies. Your privacy policy should also tell visitors how the data collected is used and managed.

When you have a privacy policy page, visitors are quite aware and so you are not collecting data without their knowledge. It is worth noting too that you must use your visitor data as stated in your privacy policy. It must not be used unethically because that will amount to visitors’ privacy violation.

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