For the past 5 years, I have been on Google and Yahoo search results 1st page. This can’t just be a coincidence but a strategy and an obedience to principles. The reason is that my first website which was not built with a content management system (CMS) was on search results 1st page throughout the life of the website and even for 6 months after I took it down. My current website which I designed with WordPress has also been on Google and Yahoo search results for the past 2 years. That was why I said SEO is strategy.

The following are my strategies:
1) I had search results 1st page in mind while I was designing my websites
2) I use keywords that Googlers are using and some are long tail keywords
3) Those keywords are use in my websites meta tags and page titles.
4) Those keywords are used in my heading tags
5) Those keywords are used in my paragraphs
6) My images and videos are name after those keywords. they are also my alternative text.
7) I write content and post more than my competitors
8) I submit my websites to Google and Bing (Yahoo)
9) I have other websites link to my websites
10) I was patient until I got to search results 1st page. In the first 3 weeks, I was in the 7th page and within 3 months I showed up on 1st page and I remained there till today.

Hope helpful?  We are always at your service for further help.

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