Code Curiosity

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School Coding Programme, Lagos.

Critical thinking, persistence, problem solving, computational thinking and creativity are some of the key skills that students need to succeed in the 21st century, and coding can help them achieve these and much more  if taught in a fun and motivating way.

Today’s students need computer science classes as part of their educational pathways; having computer science knowledge and skills cannot be over emphasized. Students interact with technology in almost every day — from getting around town to doing homework to staying in touch with friends — and how all this happens is determined by computer scientists and programmers. Would it not be great if your students are not just users of technology, but technology innovators and creators?

This is why Bisoriz Webs Academy offers a wide range of classroom coding courses like Scratch Junior, Scratch, Python, HTML5 and CSS3 that will raise students’ code curiosity, intelligent quotient and enable them to contribute to our technology driven world like we have achieved with CodeLagos, GISAP, and other school coding projects.

Benefits of educating young minds to code:

Coding helps develop important logic and problem-solving skills.

Coding helps students better understand the nature of the world around them.

Ability to code enables new avenues for creativity and creative expression.

Introducing coding in your school can enhance your brand and avail your students equality of opportunity in the global play ground.

Teaching students to code can serve as a gateway to subsequent study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses.

Coding education will help students acquire vocational skills that are immediately relevant in this information age.