WordPress is a free online software with plugin architecture; that helps to create awesome blogs and websites. Over the years, the usage of WordPress has grown significantly as it now runs 32% of the entire internet. It is far used more than any other content management system out there. The following are reasons for these feats and why you should also consider it for your next website or blog:
1. WordPress is free. You don’t have to pay a kobo to use it.
2. No knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP is needed to use WordPress.
3. It is very easy to use. WordPress has easy customizing features. Anybody can create a professional blog or website with it.
4. WordPress is time a safer. There is no need for long hours of writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any other codes. All those have been taken care of.
5. You really do not need a website designer. Years ago, you must consult a web designer or developer to make a blog or website, but with WordPress, that is gradually changing.
6. The community for WordPress is really large. This means that its users can easily get help when they run into problems (errors) with their blog or website.
7. There are millions of free and paid themes (templates) that can be chosen from when creating with WordPress .
8. WordPress is progressive. This means that WordPress is continuously improved on almost every week. It is getting secured than ever.
9. Adaptation: This means with a click, I can convert my WordPress blog to a website and vice versa. I can also improve the functionality of my blog or website by just adding more plugins
10. The big ‘guys’ are using it. Quit a number of notable organizations like CNN, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, Microsoft New Center, Disney Company, Facebook Newsroom, SimpleWeb.com.ng (No. 1 Web Design, Training & SEO Brand in Surulere, Lagos )and many more are using WordPress.

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